Love ● Compassion ● Trust

Built on a foundation of love, compassion, trust, and professionalism, Magnolia Connection fosters relationships, healing, and growth. Our mental health services are tailored to fit the lives of busy families right here in our own community.

For some parents, this may be the first step in getting answers and starting on a new path. For others, their child may have been previously treated with medications or other targeted interventions, yet progress is not being made as anticipated. 

Regardless of where you or your child are in this process, we are here to help.

Our Staff

Dr. Heather Soyer, PsyD

Dr. Heather Soyer is a licensed pediatric psychologist passionate about supporting children and adolescents. She is eager to learn your child’s strengths to build upon and identify areas for growth so they can live their best life.

Dr. Taylor Kutchen, PsyD

Dr. Kutchen specializes in assessments of young children and has a special interest in the evaluation of autism. He is skilled at partnering with families to meet needs, provide developmentally appropriate recommendations, and answer questions.

Julia Bourg, Admin

Julia has always had a passion for working with children and promoting their development of social-emotional skills, and her goal is to support families through the assessment process at Magnolia Connection.

What We Offer


Regardless of where you or your child are in this process, we are here to help.

Helping your child discover their strengths and the possibilities for a bright future is at the heart of our practice.